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Series "K" Superior Touring
  This beautiful 1925 Chevrolet Touring car has been restored to its original glory and was taken to R.A. Snively Designs for a complete interior and convertible top restoration. The quality restoration was complimented by Bob Snively's attention to detail. The dark green body and black fenders prove to be a very pretty combination with the black interior and top.
The first portion of the interior restoration was to restore the seat spring units. They were media blasted, repaired where necessary, painted, then installed in the car.
This set of pictures show the bare springs and then the burlap installed just prior to padding and upholstery.
Here the rear seat upholstery has been installed while the front seat upholstery is still being fabricated.
With the seats completely upholstered and the side panels installed, the rubber mat flooring was fitted to the car and installed. Bob says that replicating antique car interiors can be aided by the salvaged original pieces. This car's owner knew to keep all of the interior's pieces that he could and provided Bob with large enough samples so Bob could faithfully reproduce the original pleated seat design as well as the side panels. Bob said he would not have known to install a pocket in only the driver's door had he not had the four original door panels.
This is the driver's door panel. It has the binding along its edge as well as the only map pocket in the car. The exposed black nails are correct for the Chevrolet and are used to fasten the trim panels to the car's wooden substructure.
The soft top frame was restored by removing the wooden bows from the top irons. The irons were media blasted then painted black. The wooden bows were reinstalled with the front and rear bow being of new manufacture. The above picture depicts the frame's initial installation and props being used at each side pivot point. These are only necessary when the top is not tightened to the windshield.  They were removed once all straps and pads were installed to the frame. The picture below depicts the frame complete with bow lining, straps, and top pads. Top fabrication and installation immediately follows.
The convertible top is complete with glass rear window and original type "Burco" fasteners along the body line. The car's owner opted for no side curtains. Now the open car looks complete with all of its soft trimmings in place.

Bob Snively would like to extend his gratitude to Eric Haartz of the Haartz Corporation for his constant envolvement in the replication and supply of original type convertible top material. It is with his division of the Haartz Corporation (named "JONARTS") that the restoration of vintage open cars is possible by using exact reproduction materials. Bob says "Eric is very knowledgeable and friendly, a combination that is nearly extinct these days on a corporate level."