R. A. SNIVELY  DESIGNS                                                                                 RICHMOND, INDIANA
1938  FORD
This  street  rod received a full interior and trunk  trim with a very clean and modern design that is a product of the close collaboration between Bob and the car's owner. The material chosen is a field of Allante sand colored vinyl with an Ultraleather Raffia in the seat and side panel inserts. The carpet is a Lexus beige cut-pile type that also finishes the trunk floor.

Some of the unique features of the custom design include the chrome side panel moldings and a chrome V-8 emblem in the rear seat backrest center section. All garnish moldings were covered in the Allante material after the door and quarter window units were modified for a cleaner appearance.  There is a custom fabricated upper dash pad that flows from each A-pillar in a soft arc over the body-colored metal dash. Much time was taken to provide the Ford a clean and serviceable design as well as cutting edge details.
The picture at the left depicts the amount of detail that went into the modification of the side garnish moldings. They were  extended and contoured to frame the lower portion of the oval dome lights located on each side of the headliner at the "B" pillar.
Although the exact origin of the rear seat is not certain, it was heavily modified to compliment the Turbo Thunderbird front bucket seats. Bob says he put in overtime on the method of installing the chrome V-8 emblem in the recessed panel of the backrest center section. The elliptically oval shape was influenced by the headlight and taillight shapes located on the outside of the Ford.
The front stereo speakers were installed in the custom fabricated panel located above the windshield. Since the car's owner decided that sunvisors would be impractical  after the top was chopped, he elected to let Bob do something different to the area that usually is the home to the interior visors. The speaker cut-outs are in the shape of the rear window .
The trunk has been finished in the sand colored Allante and features a removable access panel for the car's complete electrical service and battery.
It also features the same Lexus beige cut-pile carpet on the floor.
Bob would like to extend his appreciation to Dale & Lorraine and wishes them many happy miles in their new Street Rod.

Due to limited storage space in the cabin, Bob fabricated map pockets in each kick panel that will now allow storage of small items.
Loading up and heading back home!
The dash pad was fabricated from ABS sheet and formed to the top of the painted steel dash. It was then lightly padded and covered with the sand colored Allante.

The side panels received a special detail of narrow chrome molding that's an inlay in the Allante which also accentuates the detail around the Ultraleather "Raffia" insert / armrest. The custom fabricated armrests on the door panels also act as a door pull when closing the door from the interior of the car.