1939 La Salle Convertible
Street Rod
Richmond, Indiana
This beautiful 1939 La Salle Convertible was taken to R. A. Snively Designs for a new convertible top. The old one had served its purpose well but was ready for replacement. Bob talked over the options with the car's owner and both agreed the car would benefit from the "Euro-Top" design. It's an exclusively custom made product that is patterned and fabricated by Bob. It retains its ability to fold as original but takes on a much cleaner, slightly more padded look than the original design.
The picture on the above left depicts the condition of the old top, the location of seams, wire-on trim, and a separate rear curtain, all part of the original design. The picture on the right is the new "Euro-Top" custom fabricated and installed by Bob Snively. It gives the car, as Bob says, "a coupe-like appearance". 
A slight lowering of the first and second bows was decided to be necessary to make the new top just a bit more sleek than the original profile. The first bow was lowered approximately 1 3/4" and the second bow approximately 1 1/2". The rearmost bow was replaced with a new oak one.
After the altered frame was painted black to match the underside of the new topping material, new custom pads were fabricated and installed. The left front side pad and the right quarter pad are shown here during installation. Bob says so many times convertible pads no longer include the crucial webbing that is necessary to give them proper shape and support. All his custom made convertible tops include his signature custom pad sets, too.
A new belt line tack strip was custom made from oak and sealed with urethane. This type of fastening assures a solid, tight fitting top and trim.
The key to a well fitting top is the making of correct patterns. Here, Bob has created a paper pattern of the rear top section that includes the outline of the rear window frame.
The new "Euro-Top" adds sophisticated looks with a European flair to this timeless classic. R. A. Snively Designs can make this custom top for most cars manufactured from the 1930's through the 1950's. Feel free to inquire about your convertible.