1950  MERCURY             
Keeping with the Merc's traditional mild custom theme, the original bench seats were totally rebuilt and covered in several hides of saddle colored genuine leather. The true rolled and pleated design in the inserts makes for a very clean and traditional look, the car owner's main objective. In this picture, you can also see the radically cut-down interior sunvisors.
After providing the customer two different renderings of door panel design, he chose a horizontal pleat style versus a vertical type. This added to the over all clean lines of the design and worked very well with the original door trim moldings and armrests. Notice the garnish molding medallions were relocated to the upholstered panel.
There's plenty of room in the spacious rear seat to take along friends for those summer cruises. Once again, the rear seat received the same attention to detail as the front and the original rear quarter armrests were used to provide the traditional appearance.
R. A. SNIVELY  DESIGNS                                                                             RICHMOND, INDIANA