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This forest green Chevy was sent to R. A. Snively Designs for a complete custom interior and trunk. The car was built by Chris Tietge in Ohio and features a very high standard of build quality. The car's owner, along with Chris, wanted a sport luxury style interior with a traditional flair. Bob presented them with three sketch renderings and one Bob called "Verti-Pleat Traditional" was chosen. Using new seats from an aftermarket supplier purchased by the owner, Bob set out to build what you see on this page as his version of a sport luxury style interior.
The interior is finished in a light khaki colored genuine leather throughout its surfaces. The headliner is finished in a felt fabric and the floor received a matching Grosspoint type carpet (often referred to as "Daytona weave")

The seats have the traditional vertical pleat design in the inserts combined with french seams and welted edges that add to the distinct luxurious feel.
Also setting the interior apart from most modern interiors is the use of accent LED indirect lighting. This is what Bob calls his "theater lighting". Through use of carefully designed LED strips and assorted LED bulbs, the interior has a soft light that accents the perimeter of the floor, allowing rear passengers to easily find their way into the rear seat for "after hours" cruising pleasure.
The car's owner wanted Bob to retain the original interior door chrome trim and armrests. So, in Bob's design, he utilized the pieces along with his own version of a vertical pleat section that starts at the trailing edge of the front door speaker grille and ends on the rear door's "dog leg" area just under the armrest.

Bob takes great pride in his work and ability to combine different materials for a completely modern flair to an otherwise traditional style. Genuine leather, chrome trim, perforated metal, all help to make the final product achieve this look.
Pictured at the right is the front speaker grille fabricated from a perforated metal that's been painted to match the interior surfaces.

This same metal can be found in the rear window package tray to allow sound from the rear deck speakers.
Much effort has been put into the floor of the car to create a perfectly clean and smooth surface. The front seat side skirt, leather-bound matching floor mat, and leather covered sill plate combined with the weave of the carpet achieve a soft and warm tone. The sill plates also feature R. A. Snively Designs logos.
The seat belt anchors have been hidden by clever use of floor panels covered in the Daytona weave carpet.
A leather shift boot was fabricated to finish the Tietge designed and built console. The shifter  sports a Tietge exclusive design shift knob that will help the driver find their way through the 5 forward gears of this 480 HP sleeper.
The trunk was finished in a manner to be serviceable and clean in appearance. It features panels covered in the same carpet as used in the interior of the car. There is a storage compartment located where the spare tire was originally located and a battery access panel is located in the front panel.
The left side panel in the trunk required substantial molding to accommodate the gas tank filler neck and wheel well. Once fully fitted, it looks great with the carpeted surface of the entire trunk area.