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1966 Mustang Convertible
This beautiful Mustang was sent to R. A. Snively Designs for a custom interior upgrade and a canvas convertible top. It is built to a high quality and received the detailed workmanship in which Bob Snively has built his shop's reputation.
The late model Mustang front bucket seats were treated to a new bright white art leather in solid and perforated  type with blue contrast french seam top stitching. The rear seat is a highly modified original bench fabricated to duplicate the modern design of the front buckets. The door panels were kept simple and clean with the addition of the "Running Horse" emblem. Stock type armrests were used and a portion of the door was covered in the perforated material also found in the seats.
The rich looking convertible top is a special order Stayfast canvas by Electron Top in dark blue that compliments the Ford GT paint. Bob says it takes great patience and time to fit canvas tops on cars that were originally designed for vinyl coated tops only. However, he also is quick to point out that it helps to work with quality tops and Electron Top fulfills that requirement every time. 
Custom Canvas Convertible Top