R. A. Snively Designs                                                                   Richmond, Indiana
1966  Corvette Convertible
427 c.i.  390 h.p.   4-speed

Ralley Red Paint
Black Standard Interior
Matching Original Hardtop
The shop gets contracted for projects that involve more than just  interior or convertible top services. This beautiful 1966 Corvette convertible came to the shop for additional restoration.
The car had recently received a frame-off restoration of the drivetrain, suspension, chassis and body/paint by others. It had  then been reassembled using many of the original parts and some non-original ones that were in need of repair, replating, or replacement. The original wiring harness was needing replaced also. That's when the car's owner brought it to the attention of R. A. Snively Designs for a restoration of the remaining portion.

Much research was performed to correctly restore this Corvette. Fortunately, there are a number of sources for adequate restoration information. Without attempting to touch upon each detail that was performed on this particular example, there are several pictures of the car during and after the final restoration included on the following picture pages accessible through the link located at the bottom of this page.

There are several great sources of parts and information specifically geared toward vintage Corvettes, and the following were found very helpful on this restoration.

          Corvette America
          Corvette Central
          Lectric Limited
          Eastwood Company (special-use tools and supplies)

Interesting information found on this particular Corvette is as follows:

*Body built by A.O.Smith company on December 23, 1965 in Ionia, Michigan.

*Car was the 289th Corvette assembled in the first week of January 1966 at the St. Louis plant.

*Car was delivered to the dealer in January, 1966.

R. A. Snively Designs would like to extend their gratitude to all of those making this restoration a success, including the car's owner.
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