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1978 Camaro Type LT
This amazing survivor Camaro was ordered in May of 1978 by its current owner. It is an original one-owner 1978 Camaro Type LT with the optional Sport Cloth interior and a factory 4-speed transmission. After many years of service and only one repaint, the car's owner brought it into R. A. Snively Designs for a complete original interior restoration.
The Camaro's interior was showing typical signs of aging with tattered cloth, oxidized plastic panels, discolored and stained carpet. Using sources for NOS fabric and vinyl, reproduction carpet, headliner material, and plastic panels, Bob Snively was able to reproduce the interior to near exact factory specification.
Complete removal and restoration of the dash was necessary to achieve a factory fresh appearance. Also, in order to replace the kick panels correctly, dash removal becomes a necessity. The steering wheel rim had become discolored (almost to a shade of green) and was removed, prepped properly, and painted to match the factory blue interior. Attention to detail is paramount when Bob restores interiors for originality. 
When the car came into the shop, the original type headliner had been replaced with the typical foam-backed headliner cloth. In 1978, the Camaro came from the factory with a foam-backed perforated vinyl headliner. Although this material is no longer available in the correct color, Bob was able to find a near exact type and paint it in the correct blue. The results are outstanding.
The Type LT trim door panels are not available as reproduction items, so Bob Snively made new ones with NOS fabric and vinyl. New matching carpet was also used on the lower section of each door, just like the original design. Reproduction door handle trim and window cranks were installed to complete the car's new look.
The rear seat as well as the package tray were areas that received the same complete restoration to maintain the attention to detail. The upper and lower rear quarter trim panels are new reproduction pieces that are painted to match the blue interior. This Camaro looks like new just about anywhere one can look on the inside.
This factory four-speed transmission makes this 1978 Camaro Type LT special. Not many made it out of the factory with this option.
Here's a picture of Dale cleaning his new Camaro back in the day. He still owns it and is just as proud today as he was when it was new. Bob Snively would like to thank Dale for trusting R. A. Snively Designs with his interior restoration needs. Happy motoring!