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This beautiful silver 1962 Chevy was taken to R. A. Snively Designs for a complete custom fabricated interior and trunk. It also required considerable restoration and repair prior to the interior work. The car's owner gave Bob a clean slate to do "his magic" for the interior design. 
The car has the right stance, color, and engine combination. What it really needed was an interior that would set it apart from the pack. Bob spent a considerable amount of time designing and fabricating virtually every part of the interior except for the upper dash which was done by others.
The rear package tray needed to be designed so it would flow seamlessly between the hand fabricated rear bucket seats. It would also contain the hand formed polished metal speaker grilles.
The front-to-rear console would need to contain adequate cup holders that are made from stainless steel. Bob designed storage below both the front and rear center armrests. The rear compartment also provides the stealth installation of the rear power window switches.
The red and black leather door/quarter trim panels and center console flow seductively with various curves to create a very pleasing modern design. Billet aluminum was used throughout the interior for the modern accent touches as shown in the pictures below.
Under dash panels received much detail too. This lower passenger side panel offers three round ventilation grilles for the A/C system return air. The three shapes were influenced by the tail light design in the '62 Chevy.
Much work went into modifying the BMW power articulating bucket seats to create a seating environment that is as functional as it is beautiful. The red leather seats have altered foam rubber units to act as a firm base to the custom sculptured design. Chrome trim has been added to the rear of the backrests for an era-correct appearance. Also, aftermarket retractable seat belts add safety in a very modern package. Bob Snively added his company logo to the hand formed seat-to-sill panels as pictured below.
The stereo system in this car is amazing!  The Secret Audio wireless remote controlled head unit is mounted in the trunk behind a decorative ventilation grille. It controls the Sirius radio receiver, the USB stick (with 1200 songs of the car's owner's choice), and FM receiver. It also powers the  pair of  5 1/4" coaxial speakers in the dash. There is a Lanzar power amp bumping up the tunes to the 6" X 9 " three-way speakers in each door, 
the 6" X 9" four-way speakers (pair) in the rear deck, and an 8" subwoofer between the rear bucket seats. The sound that this system produces exceeds the quality of some of the finest factory units in any car. It provides crisp, clear mids and highs as well as moderate and low bass. All concealed and controlled by one remote.
 Custom  Trunk   
The trunk has been made from all custom hand formed panels that are covered in the matching material as the interior. There is a polished perforated metal grille that provides ventilation for the car's extensive stereo electronics. It has Bob's Company logo installed on it. The side panels have been covered in a way to mimic
 the red / black theme of the interior. The black sweeps throughout the trunk and continues under the trunk's opening. There is a considerably nice sized storage area under the lift up floor panel that is covered in the same carpet as the interior. Each side panel has been made to be easily removable since they provide access to the fuel fill on the left and the battery compartment on the right.