"LOCK-N-LOAD" Semi Truck
Conversion Rebuild
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This Kenworth semi truck conversion was taken to R. A. Snively Designs for a new  design of the interior. It was important to the "Lock-N-Load" tractor pulling team the new interior would be comfortable and functional. The final product satisfied the customer's needs for seating, sleeping, audio/video, and ease of maintenance.
The truck's box arrived at R. A. Snively Designs as pictured above. The customer had stripped the  box of it's previous interior and provided a new subfloor, sound deadening, insulation, and roof reinforcement. Also, a new rear door had been installed. 
Bob Snively's design included updated seating in the form of two captain's seats mounted on swivel pedestals. The original Flexsteel sofa bed was restyled with reshaped padding and new upholstery. A drawer-type compartment was fabricated and installed under the sofa/bed creating more storage. Also, in the rear section of each armrest, there are storage compartments for magazines and miscellaneous loose articles. 
Along with two storage cabinets that flank each side of the front pass-through, there are custom fabricated wall cabinets that run the length from front to rear. Again, the customer's requirements were to help provide as much storage as possible. In the right rear corner of the box there is one base cabinet that also houses the heat / air conditioning unit. It also sports a genuine Corian top. There are 12 VDC power ports, USB charger ports, and a 120 VAC outlet located above the counter top. 
Throughout the interior are four LED illuminated cup holders as well as several ceiling and under cabinet LED lights. The soft grey vinyl padded walls harmonize well with the black and red accents of the interior. The red accent stripe found along the lower horizontal edge of the wall cabinets is a small, integrated padded and upholstered rail to provide a "soft edge". The base cabinet has a rounded corner as well as a rounded bull nose top to help reduce the amount of sharp edges in the unit. Attention to many details were taken in the design and fabrication of the interior design.
The floor surface is covered in a floating vinyl plank that is both attractive and easy to maintain.