Bob Snively has had a keen interest in the streamlined art deco designs of the 1930's and 1940's for as long as he can remember. Although he was born in 1958 and never lived during the great streamline era, his work  blends today's methods and materials with styling that is undeniably influenced by the 30's & 40's.

After working for the late Bob Dixon, where he also learned auto trim tips from the late Don Kemper, Bob also had time to gain experience from Charlie Pennington, too.  Bob Snively started an upholstery service business in 1982 and expanded it into a fabric awning business by the late 1980's. His influence in the awning business was realized when one of his awning creations captured the coveted "Signs of the Times" magazine's back-lit awning of the year in 1994. There were several other award winning products coming out of his Indiana shop during this same period including custom auto interiors.

Bob sold his business in 1996 and took a sales and marketing position in a wholesale supply business.  Here he developed what he had always enjoyed about his previous business experiences, strong customer relationships. In 2004, he returned to the custom upholstery business and, as he states,  "hasn't had time to look back.

Bob Snively will always give his undivided attention to detail to assure quality products and service.
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Bob is shown here with the Richmond High School Ford Model 'T' Speedster in which he donated the interior. The car was built by RHS students and was completed in time to paticipate in the Model 'T' Centennial Party that was held  July 21-26,  2008 in Richmond, Indiana.
R. A. Snively Designs  is owned and operated by Bob Snively. He has been associated with quality upholstery since 1978. He is a 1976 graduate of Eaton High School (Ohio).

Bob attributes his success to good parents, strong family values, a good work ethic, and his loving wife, Juli.
Joseph Halberstadt Photography